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The Brain Care Clinic was designed to create the ultimate stress free experience clients can trust while focusing on health and wellness. You can make a living, or you can make a difference.

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57 reviews
  • Nigel Dix·

    I've been very impressed with the Brain Clinic, Jessica's professionalism and the fact that she's so very knowledgeable about her business. I recommend Jessica at the Brain Clinic to everyone. Thank you Jessica

  • Maria Piperova·

    Jessica is amazing! She is knowledgable, patient, and really wants to help her clients. I have done two sets of 10 sessions of neurofeedback. During the first 10, I felt like I was getting worse and Jessica explained that some people (with a lot of or serious issues) might get worse before they get better and that I would really benefit from 10 more sessions. I was skeptical at first but so glad I listened to her as the second set of sessions was truly beneficial. My outlook/personality/attitude changed from negative/critical/controlling to positive/happy/easy going. As a result, my relationship with my husband has improved drastically, we have re-discovered each other, and are the happiest we've ever been together. My relationships with my children and friends have also improved. I will be forever grateful to Jessica for always being there for me, listening to me, coaching me, believing in me, and for changing my life!

  • Maia·

    Jessica Novak offered me motivational assistance and provided structured plans for leading a better life. Her guidance and assistance covered many life areas, such as relationships, careers, and self-improvement. With her help I was able to clearly articulate a future vision for myself, define my priorities to achieve greater work/life balance and gain the confidence I needed to advocate for myself allowing me to feel empowered.

  • Velvet Brown·

    I was coming for 8 Months then took a break, just went back after a few months as Life started to get the best of me. After I left my appt, something in me woke up, came alive, I was thinking better, got focused and started to have confidence again in my conversations. Brain Training does redirect your thoughts and breaks down the blocks that start to build and discourage us. I am a Lifetime client. Bonus is being able to talk things out as well to resolve what's going on in your mind or life. This is the best way to Release and Refresh. Come Visit Jess!!

  • Robert Adamik, DPA Dr. Bob·

    I found Jessica Novak, Neurotechnician, to be very skilled at Brain Care evaluation. Her expertise, knowledge, coaching and feedback, will help you adjust your life for a more meaningful life. She is very professional. Dr. Bob

  • Nigel D.·

    It seems like tomorrows technology is here today, you have to try it for yourself, it's great, I'm really liking the results and of Jessica, she's great.

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